Vivanoda is a web platform for planning international train journeys in Europe! Whether you are a travel enthusiast or a regular traveler, Vivanoda is here to help you organize your next train trip across Europe. Traveling by train is not only a convenient and comfortable way to get around, but also allows you to discover new places and have unique experiences. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation!

Europe is full of incredible destinations accessible by train, and there is a lot to consider when planning your trip. That's why we've compiled all the information you need to plan your next train trip in Europe. Whether you want to book train tickets, discover the best destinations in Europe, learn more about the most popular train routes or find cheap travel deals, you've come to the right place.

Through a network of partners, on Vivanoda you will find a lot of information such as timetables, fares or different train routes. We also give you tips for train travel in Europe, as well as practical information about the different railroad companies and available train types.

Whether you are an experienced traveler or planning your first train trip in Europe, Vivanoda helps you discover everything you need to know to get the most out of your train trip. Explore our site and start planning your next train adventure across Europe now!

Discover the must-see destinations for train travel in Europe

Europe offers a wide range of destinations accessible by train. Among the most popular countries for train travel are Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Each of these countries has a unique culture, delicious cuisine and breathtaking scenery. Whether you are looking for cosmopolitan cities, beaches, mountains or historic sites, there is something for everyone in Europe. An exceptionally well-developed rail network makes it easy to travel by train from one country to another and discover the wonders of Europe.

Here you will find all the countries where you can search for a train ticket or a train trip.

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Find the main train destinations by country.

Glasgow London
Zurich Basel
Utrecht Amsterdam
Luxembourg City
Odense Copenhagen

The main train companies in Europe

Here is an overview of the main train companies in Europe: Dutch Railways NS, Thalys, Eurostar, SNCF, Deutsche Bahn and SNCB. Each of these companies has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to traveling by train in Europe, it is important to know them so you can choose the one that suits you best. Whether you are looking for fast travel, international travel or cheap tickets, your Vivanoda train travel planner will help you find the ideal train company for your trip in Europe.

Thalys specializes in high-speed trains between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. With modern and comfortable trains, Thalys makes travel between these neighboring countries fast and easy. The company offers not only quality on-board services, but also low fares depending on the time of year or week.
Eurostar is the railroad company that provides connections between Britain and continental Europe, including France, Belgium and the Netherlands, via the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar trains are modern and comfortable, with spacious seats and first-class facilities. Eurostar offers not only competitively priced tickets, but also flexible travel options and a range of services to make your train journey as pleasant as possible.
The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF) is the French national railroad company. With modern, comfortable trains on an extensive network, SNCF makes it easy to travel throughout France and neighboring countries. The company offers attractive fares and season tickets under certain conditions, as well as flexible travel options to meet the needs of all travelers.
Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn is Germany's largest railroad company and offers a wide range of rail services in Europe, including international travel. The company is known for its extensive rail network, high on-board comfort and punctuality. It offers flexible fares to meet the needs of different types of travelers, whether they are looking for cheap tickets or premium options. International travelers will also appreciate Deutsche Bahn's multilingual services, making booking and travel easier.
Trenitalia is Italy's main railway company and offers an extensive network of trains throughout the country. Renowned for its punctuality and quality of service, Trenitalia offers different types of trains, such as regional, interregional and high-speed trains. Travelers appreciate the convenience and comfort of Trenitalia trains, as well as the opportunity to discover the beautiful Italian countryside while moving efficiently from one city to another.
Italo is a privately owned Italian rail company that is distinguished by its high-end service and modern trains. With its elegant style and state-of-the-art equipment, Italo offers a superior travel experience. Passengers can enjoy the comfort of spacious seats, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and on-board dining. Italo serves major Italian cities, offering travelers a refined alternative for their train journeys.
Renfe is Spain's national railway company and offers an extensive network of trains throughout the country. Renfe offers different types of services, such as regional, intercity, and high-speed (AVE) trains. With modern and comfortable trains, Renfe offers fast and reliable travel, allowing travelers to discover the wonders of Spain, from vibrant cities like Madrid and Barcelona to beautiful coastal and mountain regions. Renfe also offers flexible ticketing options and attractive fares to meet travelers' needs.
The Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Belges (SNCB) is Belgium's main railroad company. It offers a comprehensive rail service with regular, express, high-speed and international trains to major European cities. SNCB is known for its efficient and punctual rail network and its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company also offers flexible fares tailored to the needs of both occasional and frequent travelers.
Dutch Railways NS
Dutch Railways NS
Dutch Railways (NS) is the main railroad company in the Netherlands. Thanks to a well-developed railroad network, NS trains allow you to travel easily and comfortably throughout the country and beyond. The company's trains are modern, clean and punctual, and the company offers attractive ticket prices for those who book in advance.
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Why travel by train in Europe?

Trains can be an ideal way to explore different countries and offer an incredible experience when traveling through Europe. The benefits of traveling by train are many.

First, trains are an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient way to travel. Modern trains are often equipped with the latest technology and offer a comfortable journey with spacious seats, large windows and sometimes even power outlets and Wi-Fi on board.

Second, trains let you enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. Trains travel through a variety of landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to lush green plains, providing a constant spectacle. The panoramic views of the landscape and the ability to move easily from one place to another make the train a popular choice for travelers looking for a unique travel experience.

The train also offers a wide choice of destinations, with regular services to many cities, even the smallest ones. This gives travelers access to lesser-known destinations. The major rail companies in Europe offer fast and regular train connections and flexible ticketing options to customize travel times.

In short, traveling by train in Europe is an experience that has many advantages over other modes of transportation. It is an environmentally friendly, comfortable, efficient and flexible way to travel that allows you to discover new horizons and enjoy unique experiences.

How do I buy train tickets?

Buying train tickets may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple. Travelers have several options for buying train tickets.

  • Compare fares and travel options.

    It is important to compare fares and travel options before buying a train ticket. Vivanoda is a train ticket comparison site that can help you find the best fares for your route. Vivanoda also allows you to compare travel times, connection options and travel classes so you can make an informed decision.

  • Online booking

    Booking online is the easiest and fastest way to buy train tickets. Most train companies we work with offer the option to book tickets online on their websites. Thanks to Vivanoda, after a search on our site, you are redirected directly to the company's website, where you can purchase a ticket in minutes. E-tickets are sent by email and can be printed or downloaded on a smartphone.

  • Buying train tickets at the station

    Travelers can also buy train tickets directly at the train station. Train ticket offices are usually open every day, even on weekends and holidays. Train vendors can help travelers choose the best route and class of travel and buy their ticket. However, this method of ticket sales is becoming less and less popular, and railroads are abolishing it in many stations in favor of online sales;

  • Buying train tickets from authorized resellers

    There are also authorized resellers who sell railroad train tickets. These resellers can be travel agents, exchange offices and independent ticket sellers.

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Choose the right type of train for you

When planning your train trip in Europe, it is important to know what different types of trains are available to take you from one city to another. Here are the four most common train types in most European countries:

  • Regional trains

    Regional trains are local trains that connect cities and towns in the same region. These trains are generally cheaper than other types of trains, but they can take longer because they make more stops. Regional trains are a good option if you want to explore a specific region or are traveling on a budget.

  • Intercity trains

    Intercity trains connect major cities and are slightly faster than regional trains. They also offer more comfort, with reclining seats and power outlets to charge your electronic devices. Intercity trains are a good choice if you want to travel quickly but at a reasonable price.

  • High-speed trains

    High-speed trains, such as the TGV in France and the Shinkansen in Japan, are the fastest and most modern trains in use. They reach speeds of up to 300 mph and are equipped with comfortable seats and on-board services such as snacks and drinks. High-speed trains are often more expensive than other types of trains, but they are a great option if you want to travel quickly and comfortably between major cities.

  • Night trains

    Night trains are trains that allow you to travel while you sleep, which is convenient because it saves you a night in a hotel. They are equipped with beds and private cabins so you can rest during your trip. Night trains are often used for long trips. Therefore, they are an excellent choice if you want to save money on accommodation and maximize your time.

Frequently asked questions about planning a train trip in Europe and booking a train ticket

There are several ways to buy a train ticket: online from Vivanoda and its network of partners, in person at the station, or from authorized sellers. It is recommended to book in advance to get the best fares.

Yes, it is often possible to change or cancel a train ticket, but the conditions vary depending on the railroad company and the type of ticket you purchased. It is important to check the airline's policies before purchasing your ticket.

Train fares vary depending on a number of factors, including distance traveled, type of train, time of year and time of booking. There are often discounts for children, students and seniors. It is advisable to compare fares and travel options at Vivanoda before booking.

Search on Vivanoda for the schedules and available routes that we get in real time from the railroad companies.

Onboard services vary depending on the type of train and the railroad company. High-speed trains often offer comfortable seating and catering options, while regional trains may be simpler in terms of amenities. Entertainment on board, such as movies and music, also depends on the railroad company.

If traveling by overnight train, it is advisable to check in advance what sleeping arrangements are available and pack warm, comfortable clothing. It is also important to check whether meals are included in your ticket.

That depends on the railroad company and the specific rules for each train. It is important to check the airline's policy before booking your ticket.

Most railroad companies offer services for people with reduced mobility or special needs. We recommend that you inform them of your specific needs before your trip so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Services available at stations and access to stations vary from country to country. Railroad companies' websites and mobile applications can provide information on services available at departure and arrival stations and how to access them.

Train companies often offer special deals and discounts on train tickets. We recommend booking in advance for the best fares. Train travel during off-peak hours can also be cheaper. Finally, use Vivanoda to compare all prices.

Train companies have specific rules for carrying bicycles and large items. It is advisable to check the rules of each railroad company before booking your ticket.

Many stations offer catering facilities, such as cafes and restaurants. Trains may also have catering facilities, depending on the type of train and the length of the journey.

Railroad companies' websites and mobile apps can also provide real-time information about delays and service disruptions.

Many rail companies offer free or paid Wi-Fi services on trains. Some trains also have power outlets so passengers can work while traveling by train.