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How to get from Nice to Bastia by ferry ?

Looking for the perfect Nice to Bastia ferry ticket? Look no further, you've come to the right place. Taking a ferry from Nice to Bastia is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel.

We know that planning a ferry trip from Nice to Bastia can be stressful, that's why we do our best to make your Nice to Bastia ferry booking as quick and easy as possible.

With Vivanoda, our easy to use platform, you can compare prices, routes and services of different ferry companies like Corsica Ferries or Moby Lines. This way you can find the best price for a Nice Bastia ferry ticket according to your needs and budget, whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Most Moby Lines or Corsica Ferries ships offer onboard amenities such as cabins, restaurants, stores, Wi-Fi and more. Often, they also offer facilities for people with limited mobility.

To find the best deals on ferries from Nice to Bastia simply enter your travel dates and start your search on Vivanoda.

Nice to Bastia Ferry Information

Port of departure
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Port of arrival
130 mi
Ferry Companies
Corsica Ferries, Moby Lines
Frequency of crossings
7 crossings a week
Minimum crossing time
5 hrs.
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Ferry Nice Bastia: Price, Timetable and Duration

To travel by ferry from Nice to Bastia, you'll find tickets ranging from $21 for one person if you're traveling without a car to $257 if you're traveling with your car. The average price we've seen on the Nice-Bastia route is $78. The average ferry crossing time from Nice to Bastia is 8 hrs. 50 min. The slowest ferries will take 15 hrs. to reach Bastia, while the fastest boats will reach Bastia in 6 hrs. 15 min. The first ferry leaves the port of Nice at 06:00. The last ferry to Bastia leaves Nice at 17:00.

Average price of a Nice Bastia ferry crossing
Price range for Nice Bastia ferries (Lowest price for 1 passenger and highest price for 1 passenger and a car)
$21 - $257
Average crossing time Nice Bastia
8 hrs. 50 min
Departure time of first ferry to Bastia
Departure time of last ferry to Bastia
Arrival time first ferry to Bastia
Arrival time of last ferry to Bastia

Why take a ferry from Nice to Bastia ?

Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner or with the family, a Nice to Bastia ferry can be a convenient and enjoyable option for getting to Bastia. Here are 3 reasons why we think Nice to Bastia ferry is an ideal way to travel.

Not to worry about the number of bags
One piece of luggage is free, all the others must be paid for. This is often the formula used when we travel with other modes of transportation, which very often leads to a significant increase in the bill. On the Nice Bastia ferry, you can take as much luggage as you want, within the capacity of your vehicle. If you are traveling as a pedestrian, the conditions may be more restrictive as you will have to keep your luggage with you until you arrive in Bastia. However, it is worth asking the Moby Lines or Corsica Ferries staff if the ship has a luggage room where you can leave your luggage until Bastia.
No need to worry about traveling with your bike
On the train, bus or plane, it is often very complicated and sometimes impossible to travel with this cumbersome companion: your bike. However, on a ferry, you don't have this problem: your bike is loaded directly into the huge garage of the boat. You travel from Nice to Bastia in complete peace of mind, without fear of your bike being damaged. You will get on your bike in Bastia to get off the boat.
You can rest much more than in the car
Driving a car for miles on end is not very relaxing, especially if you add the risk of traffic jams and accidents. The Nice Bastia ferry trip is the opposite! Ferries operated by Moby Lines or Corsica Ferries are designed with areas dedicated to rest or entertainment: lounges or cabins, outdoor solarium, bars and restaurants... It is certain that you will start your vacation in Bastia already rested.

Which companies operate between Nice and Bastia?

If you're looking to travel between Nice and Bastia by ferry, there are several companies to choose from including Moby Lines or Corsica Ferries who offer regular services between the two cities. You can find more information about the different ferry companies on this route and their departure times here.

Moby Lines Nice Bastia
Moby Lines
Moby Lines is an Italian ferry company that has been serving Sardinia and Corsica from Italy since 1959. How to book a Moby Lines Nice Bastia crossing? By using Vivanoda and its multi-transport search engine! On Vivanoda, you can compare Nice-Bastia fares and book a Moby Lines ticket between Nice and Bastia. More information about Moby Lines
Corsica Ferries Nice Bastia
Corsica Ferries
Corsica Ferries is a Franco-Italian ferry company that serves Corsica and Sardinia from mainland France and Italy. On Vivanoda, you can compare Nice-Bastia fares and book a Corsica Ferries ticket between Nice and Bastia. Corsica Ferries operates 7 crossings a week to Bastia from Nice and the journey time is 5 hrs.. More information about Corsica Ferries
5 hrs.
7 crossings a week

Where do the ferries leave from in Nice? Where do the boats arrive in Bastia?

Port of departure in Nice

Moby Lines or Corsica Ferries ferries depart for Bastia from the following ports in Nice:

Nice Terminal Passager 1

Port of arrival in Bastia

Corsica Ferries or Moby Lines ships arrive in Bastia from the following ports:

Bastia - Gare Maritime
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If you take a ferry from Nice to Bastia, it will take you at least 5 hrs. to cover the 130 mi between Nice and Bastia.

This often depends on the season (there are fewer crossings between Nice and Bastia in winter) and the ferry company (Moby Lines and Corsica Ferries). There are currently 7 crossings a week between Nice and Bastia.

There are 2 ferry companies operating between Nice and Bastia: Moby Lines and Corsica Ferries.

Yes, absolutely, direct crossings are offered by Corsica Ferries, Moby Lines.

During your crossing between Nice and Bastia, you will travel 130 mi.

To go by boat from Nice to Bastia, you can find prices ranging from $21 for the lowest, to $257 for the highest. The average price we've seen is $78.

The first ferry leaves Nice at 06:00 for Bastia.

The last ferry to Bastia from Nice usually departs at 17:00.


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