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How to get from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) by ferry ?

Looking for the perfect Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) ferry ticket? Look no further, you've come to the right place. Taking a ferry from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel.

We know that planning a ferry trip from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) can be stressful, that's why we do our best to make your Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) ferry booking as quick and easy as possible.

With Vivanoda, our easy to use platform, you can compare prices, routes and services of different ferry companies like Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària. This way you can find the best price for a Barcelona Palma (Mallorca) ferry ticket according to your needs and budget, whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Most Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ships offer onboard amenities such as cabins, restaurants, stores, Wi-Fi and more. Often, they also offer facilities for people with limited mobility.

To find the best deals on ferries from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) simply enter your travel dates and start your search on Vivanoda.

Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) Ferry Information

Port of departure
Port of arrival
Palma (Mallorca)
Balearic Islands
128 mi
Ferry Companies
Acciona Trasmediterránea, Baleària
Frequency of crossings
3 crossings a day
Minimum crossing time
7 hrs. 30 min
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Why take a ferry from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) ?

Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner or with the family, a Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) ferry can be a convenient and enjoyable option for getting to Palma (Mallorca). Here are 3 reasons why we think Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) ferry is an ideal way to travel.

Not to worry about the number of bags
With the train, bus or plane, a free baggage allowance is often applied and any additional baggage generates an additional cost. However, when you board a Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ferry in Barcelona, you are free to take as much luggage as you like, as long as it is contained in your vehicle. If you are traveling without a car, then you will be restricted in your movements all the way to Palma (Mallorca). However, many ships provide luggage storage for foot passengers. Check with Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària.
To enjoy the incredible sea view
Every time we go on vacation on the coast, we are looking for the best view on the sea. During the Barcelona Palma (Mallorca) crossing, whether you are on deck, dining in the restaurant or relaxing in the comfortable lounges of the Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ship, you will simply have a front row seat to the incredible spectacle that the sea offers. Everywhere, large windows will give you an extraordinary view of the azure blue sea to enjoy its soothing power.
Because it's the ideal way to travel with your family!
If you have children, there's no better way to travel from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) as a family than by ferry. Everything is simpler. As soon as you leave Barcelona, imagine your children discovering the ship, spending long moments playing in the areas reserved for the youngest or in the video games and arcades (for teenagers), watching the latest movies in the cinema, sharing a family meal in the restaurant, or marveling at a magic show or other countless activities. On board the ferry to Palma (Mallorca), time flies by faster than you think and this maritime experience between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca) will remain unforgettable for your children for a long time.

Where do the ferries leave from in Barcelona? Where do the boats arrive in Palma (Mallorca)?

Port of departure in Barcelona

Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ferries depart for Palma (Mallorca) from the following ports in Barcelona:


Port of arrival in Palma (Mallorca)

Baleària or Acciona Trasmediterránea ships arrive in Palma (Mallorca) from the following ports:

Palma de Mallorca
Other alternative sailings from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca)
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Which companies operate between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca)?

If you're looking to travel between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca) by ferry, there are several companies to choose from including Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària who offer regular services between the two cities. You can find more information about the different ferry companies on this route and their departure times here.

Acciona Trasmediterránea Barcelona Palma (Mallorca)
Acciona Trasmediterránea
Acciona Trasmediterránea was founded in 1989 and is based in Barcelona, Spain. The company serves the Mediterranean Sea regions of Spain, France and Italy. On Vivanoda, you can compare Barcelona-Palma (Mallorca) fares and book a Acciona Trasmediterránea ticket between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca). Acciona Trasmediterránea operates 12 crossings a week to Palma (Mallorca) from Barcelona and the journey time is 7 hrs. 30 min. More information about Acciona Trasmediterránea
7 hrs. 30 min
12 crossings a week
Baleària Barcelona Palma (Mallorca)
Founded in 1997, Baleària is a ferry company based in Valencia, Spain. It offers crossings to several destinations in Spain, France and Italy. On Vivanoda, you can compare Barcelona-Palma (Mallorca) fares and book a Baleària ticket between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca). Baleària operates 7 crossings a week to Palma (Mallorca) from Barcelona and the journey time is 7 hrs. 30 min. More information about Baleària
7 hrs. 30 min
7 crossings a week


If you take a ferry from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca), it will take you at least 7 hrs. 30 min to cover the 128 mi between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca).

This often depends on the season (there are fewer crossings between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca) in winter) and the ferry company (Acciona Trasmediterránea and Baleària). There are currently 3 crossings a day between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca).

There are 2 ferry companies operating between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca): Acciona Trasmediterránea and Baleària.

Yes, absolutely, direct crossings are offered by Acciona Trasmediterránea, Baleària.

Before booking, compare the prices of Acciona Trasmediterránea, Baleària on our website Vivanoda. Then book the crossing of your choice easily and safely on our partner's website.

If you want to change or cancel your Barcelona Palma (Mallorca) ferry booking, you can do so easily by contacting our partner who manages your booking. Please note that, depending on the fare conditions, some tickets are not refundable or changeable. It is important to take this into account when booking your ticket.

During your crossing between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca), you will travel 128 mi.

Experience a crossing between Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca)

If this is your first time on a ferry, it is not easy to imagine what a Barcelona-Palma (Mallorca) crossing is like. To help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ferry cruise, we explain here the different stages of the journey, from boarding the ship in Barcelona to disembarking in Palma (Mallorca). You can also find some tourist and practical information about Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca).

Boarding in Barcelona

Before you start your Barcelona Palma (Mallorca) ferry cruise, here are a few steps to embark:

  • Arrival time at the port of Barcelona / You should arrive at the Barcelona ferry terminal within the time limit set by Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària. After this deadline, your reservation is no longer guaranteed.
  • Checking in for the Barcelona Palma (Mallorca) crossing / In Barcelona, present your identity papers (passport or national identity card) and the booking number at the Baleària or Acciona Trasmediterránea ticket offices at the Barcelona ferry terminal. By car, the process is the same but is done directly from the boarding lanes. You remain in your vehicle.
  • Boarding the ship to Palma (Mallorca) / Pay attention to the voice messages in the Barcelona ferry terminal inviting you to board. By car, follow the instructions of Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària staff to board and park your vehicle on board.
On board the ferry Barcelona Palma (Mallorca)

On the Acciona Trasmediterránea or Baleària ship, each one has its own philosophy of travel. While some people will be inclined to relax in a cozy lounge, others will be sure to shop in the boutiques or eat at the self-service restaurant.

The ferry is approaching Palma (Mallorca), disembarkation imminent!

You will finally find some information for the arrival of the boat in Palma (Mallorca):

  • The ferry enters Palma (Mallorca) harbor / You will be allowed to access the garage only when the boat is docked. There is no point in rushing. It is best to wait on the outside decks to see the ferry maneuver into Palma (Mallorca) harbor.
  • Vacate your cabin. / If you have traveled from Barcelona to Palma (Mallorca) in the comfort of a cabin, you will have to vacate your cabin about half an hour before the arrival time in Palma (Mallorca).
  • Leaving the ship and discovering Palma (Mallorca) / You get your car out of the huge ferry garage relatively quickly, once the doors are open. It is even faster as a pedestrian. A customs check cannot be ruled out in Palma (Mallorca). Finally, leave the port and Palma (Mallorca) is waiting for you!
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