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How to get from Hirtshals to Larvik by ferry ?

Looking for the perfect Hirtshals to Larvik ferry ticket? Look no further, you've come to the right place. Taking a ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel.

We know that planning a ferry trip from Hirtshals to Larvik can be stressful, that's why we do our best to make your Hirtshals to Larvik ferry booking as quick and easy as possible.

With Vivanoda, our easy to use platform, you can compare prices, routes and services of different ferry companies like Color Line or Fjord Line. This way you can find the best price for a Hirtshals Larvik ferry ticket according to your needs and budget, whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or with your family.

Most Color Line ships offer onboard amenities such as cabins, restaurants, stores, Wi-Fi and more. Often, they also offer facilities for people with limited mobility.

To find the best deals on ferries from Hirtshals to Larvik simply enter your travel dates and start your search on Vivanoda.

Hirtshals to Larvik Ferry Information

Port of departure
Port of arrival
102 mi
Ferry Companies
Color Line, Fjord Line
Frequency of crossings
14 crossings a week
Minimum crossing time
3 hrs. 50 min
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Ferry Hirtshals Larvik: Price, Timetable and Duration

To travel by ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik, you'll find tickets ranging from $38 for one person if you're traveling without a car to $272 if you're traveling with your car. The average price we've seen on the Hirtshals-Larvik route is $97. The average ferry crossing time from Hirtshals to Larvik is 3 hrs. 45 min. The slowest ferries will take 3 hrs. 45 min to reach Larvik, while the fastest boats will reach Larvik in 3 hrs. 45 min. The first ferry leaves the port of Hirtshals at 12:45. The last ferry to Larvik leaves Hirtshals at 22:15.

Average price of a Hirtshals Larvik ferry crossing
Price range for Hirtshals Larvik ferries (Lowest price for 1 passenger and highest price for 1 passenger and a car)
$38 - $272
Average crossing time Hirtshals Larvik
3 hrs. 45 min
Departure time of first ferry to Larvik
Departure time of last ferry to Larvik
Arrival time first ferry to Larvik
Arrival time of last ferry to Larvik

Why take a ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik ?

Whether you're travelling solo, with a partner or with the family, a Hirtshals to Larvik ferry can be a convenient and enjoyable option for getting to Larvik. Here are 3 reasons why we think Hirtshals to Larvik ferry is an ideal way to travel.

Take an unlimited amount of luggage
With the train, bus or plane, a free baggage allowance is often applied and any additional baggage generates an additional cost. On the Hirtshals Larvik ferry, you can take as much luggage as you want, within the capacity of your vehicle. If you are traveling without a car, then you will be restricted in your movements all the way to Larvik. However, we recommend that you ask the Color Line crew, as luggage lockers are often available for passengers to store their luggage during the crossing.
It's much less boring than on a plane
If we compare the speed, the plane is certainly the fastest way to go from Hirtshals to Larvik. But, it is not always pleasant to stay tied to your seat for long hours. On the other hand, during the Hirtshals Larvik crossing on the Color Line ferry, you have total freedom in your activities, to eat, walk, have fun or rest. A flight will never give you so many services during the trip.
Enjoy a very attentive staff
The Color Line staff will be at your disposal from the departure of Hirtshals to the exit of the ship in Larvik. You can find an information desk on the ship, mostly on the main deck.

Which companies operate between Hirtshals and Larvik?

If you're looking to travel between Hirtshals and Larvik by ferry, there are several companies to choose from including Color Line who offer regular services between the two cities. You can find more information about the different ferry companies on this route and their departure times here.

Color Line Hirtshals Larvik
Color Line
Color Line is a Norwegian ferry company based in Oslo that offers crossings between Norway and Sweden. On Vivanoda, you can compare Hirtshals-Larvik fares and book a Color Line ticket between Hirtshals and Larvik. Color Line operates 14 crossings a week to Larvik from Hirtshals and the journey time is 3 hrs. 50 min. More information about Color Line
3 hrs. 50 min
14 crossings a week

Where do the ferries leave from in Hirtshals? Where do the boats arrive in Larvik?

Port of departure in Hirtshals

Color Line ferries depart for Larvik from the following ports in Hirtshals:


Port of arrival in Larvik

Color Line ships arrive in Larvik from the following ports:

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If you take a ferry from Hirtshals to Larvik, it will take you at least 3 hrs. 50 min to cover the 102 mi between Hirtshals and Larvik.

This often depends on the season (there are fewer crossings between Hirtshals and Larvik in winter) and the ferry company (Color Line). There are currently 14 crossings a week between Hirtshals and Larvik.

There are 1 ferry companies operating between Hirtshals and Larvik: Color Line.

Yes, absolutely, direct crossings are offered by Color Line, Fjord Line.

Before booking, compare the prices of Color Line, Fjord Line on our website Vivanoda. Then book the crossing of your choice easily and safely on our partner's website.

If you want to change or cancel your Hirtshals Larvik ferry booking, you can do so easily by contacting our partner who manages your booking. Please note that, depending on the fare conditions, some tickets are not refundable or changeable. It is important to take this into account when booking your ticket.

During your crossing between Hirtshals and Larvik, you will travel 102 mi.

To go by boat from Hirtshals to Larvik, you can find prices ranging from $38 for the lowest, to $272 for the highest. The average price we've seen is $97.

The first ferry leaves Hirtshals at 12:45 for Larvik.

The last ferry to Larvik from Hirtshals usually departs at 22:15.

What is a Hirtshals to Larvik ferry crossing like?

If this is your first time on a ferry, it is not easy to imagine what a Hirtshals-Larvik crossing is like. To help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Color Line or Fjord Line ferry cruise, we explain here the different stages of the journey, from boarding the ship in Hirtshals to disembarking in Larvik. You will also find practical information about Hirtshals and Larvik.

Ready for boarding in Hirtshals

Before your Hirtshals Larvik ferry trip begins, here are the few steps to board:

  • Arrival time at the port of Hirtshals / You should arrive at the Hirtshals ferry terminal within the time limit set by Color Line. After this deadline, the company may refuse you boarding.
  • Checking in for the Hirtshals Larvik crossing / In Hirtshals, present your identity papers (passport or national identity card) and the booking number at the Color Line ticket offices at the Hirtshals ferry terminal. By car, the process is the same but is done directly from the boarding lanes. You remain in your vehicle.
  • Boarding the ship to Larvik / From the Hirtshals ferry terminal you will be invited to board the ferry by the voice messages broadcasted. If you are traveling by car, Color Line staff will give you instructions to board and park your vehicle on the ship.

Crossing Hirtshals Larvik: on board the ship...

On board the Color Line ship, you can choose your activities according to your preferences! While some people will be inclined to relax in a cozy lounge, others will be sure to shop in the boutiques or eat at the self-service restaurant.

Larvik is in sight, disembarkation imminent!

You will finally find some information for the arrival of the boat in Larvik:

  • The ferry enters Larvik harbor / You will be allowed to return to the boat's garage once the ferry is docked. There is no point in rushing. In the meantime, we advise you to enjoy the arrival in Larvik on the outside deck.
  • Vacate your cabin. / If you have traveled from Hirtshals to Larvik in the comfort of a cabin, you will have to vacate your cabin about half an hour before the arrival time in Larvik.
  • Leave the ship and Larvik is yours / You get your car out of the huge ferry garage relatively quickly, once the doors are open. As a pedestrian, you will get out even faster. A customs check cannot be ruled out in Larvik. Finally, leave the port and Larvik is waiting for you!


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