How to get to Ostersund?

Are you planning a trip to Ostersund? But you do not know how to get there? Vivanoda helps you organize your trip to Ostersund by letting you search and compare the best deals on train and flights.

Train tickets to Ostersund

The train is an economical and ecological way to reach Ostersund. It allows you to easily arrive in the center of Ostersund and enjoy the sights.

Flights to Ostersund

Flying is the fastest way to get to Ostersund. However, you have to add the time it takes to reach the airport, which is located outside the center of Ostersund. The prices of flights to Ostersund are also often attractive.

Transportation to Ostersund in figures

Number of airlines serving Ostersund
Number of stations or airports in Ostersund
1 airports
2 stations
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The most popular routes to Ostersund

We present the most popular routes to Ostersund from all major European cities, whether by train or flights. Whether you want to find the cheapest flight to Ostersund, the fastest train or the most comfortable bus, we have collected all the information you need to plan your trip to Ostersund with confidence.

Whether you are traveling from Stockholm, Are, Sundsvall, Undersaker, Ånge or Duved or another major European city, we compare the different modes of transportation to help you choose the best option to get to Ostersund. You'll find information on the most popular routes, transport companies, travel times, ticket prices and tips for safe and comfortable travel. We have also included tips to save money and find the best fares to Ostersund. Whether you are a budget traveler or looking for the ultimate in comfort, you will find all the options to plan your trip to Ostersund with confidence.

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Travel to Ostersund by train

Where are the train stations in Ostersund?

To reach Ostersund by train, you can choose from 2 stations, including Östersund Centralstation and Östersund Västra station.

Östersund Centralstation
Station located 0.6 mi from the center of Ostersund
Östersund Västra station
Station located 0.1 mi from the center of Ostersund
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Flying to Ostersund

Where are the airports in Ostersund?

To get to Ostersund by plane, arrive at Froesoe Airport.

Airport is located 4.3 mi from Ostersund
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Travel and Transportation to Ostersund

When to visit Ostersund?

Summer, from June to August, is the best time to travel in Sweden if you're looking for mild temperatures and prolonged sunshine. Average temperatures range from 20°C to 25°C, with longer days and shorter nights. This is the ideal time to explore Sweden's magnificent archipelagos, enjoy the beaches, go hiking or camping.

Spring and autumn, from March to May and September to November, offer milder temperatures, but can be accompanied by rain. Average temperatures range from 10°C to 15°C, with sunny days and cooler nights. It's a good time to discover nature as it is reborn or adorned in magnificent autumn colors, but you'll need to bring protection against the rain.

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