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How to get from Florence to Rome?

Planning to travel to Florence from Rome and looking for the best transportation options for your trip? We know that it is often difficult to choose the best way of transportation for a trip from Florence to Rome, whether it is for price, time or convenience reasons. Vivanoda will help you to find all the transportation solutions to travel between Florence and Rome, be it by plane, train, bus or carpool.

With detailed information about each mode of transportation and about the transport companies (Trenitalia, Italo (NTV), ÖBB, FlixBus or Alitalia), you will be able to easily compare fares, timetables and travel times, in order to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Whether you're a budget traveler or looking for a quick and convenient way to get from Florence to Rome, we've got all the information you need to plan an unforgettable Florence Rome trip.

For your trip from Florence to Rome, you have several transportation options

Bus tickets from Florence to Rome

Buses are often the most economical choice for travel from Florence to Rome, offering direct travel options or with intermediate stops.

Florence to Rome train tickets

If you like to travel more ecologically and economically, the Florence Rome train is ideal and meets your expectations.

Florence to Rome cheap flights

Many flights connect Florence to Rome every day, offering a fast and convenient option for travelers. If you are in a hurry, flying is the fastest way to get to Rome in record time.

Carpooling Florence Rome

Carpooling from Florence to Rome is perfect if you want to travel to Rome in good company and reduce transportation costs. But there may be limited flexibility in terms of schedules and pickup points in either Florence or Rome.

Whichever way you choose, our price comparison tool will help you find the Florence to Rome transportation option that best suits your needs and budget.

Florence Rome Travel Information

Departure city
Destination city
144 mi
Direct connection
Yes, direct connection by train, bus, carpooling and flights
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Plan your trip from Florence to Rome easily with Vivanoda

Plan your trip from Florence to Rome easily with Vivanoda

With Vivanoda you can easily compare all available transportation options like flights, trains, buses and carpools according to your preferences and budget. You can also filter the results by price, travel time, schedule and comfort options. Thanks to its ease of use and clarity, Vivanoda allows you to find in a few clicks the tickets between Florence and Rome that best suit your needs. Vivanoda also displays all the special offers and promotions of different airlines like Trenitalia, Italo (NTV), ÖBB, FlixBus or Alitalia to help you save on your tickets. So don't hesitate and use Vivanoda now to prepare your trip between Florence and Rome with peace of mind!

Comparison of the different ways to travel between Florence and Rome

Advantages and disadvantages of traveling by train from Florence to Rome?
Environmentally friendly The Florence Rome train is considered a more environmentally friendly way to travel than flying or driving alone.
Accessibility The train stations in Florence or Rome are located in the city center, making it easy to access other means of transportation to get to the city center.
Speed Florence to Rome trains are often much faster than buses or cars.
Cost Florence Rome train tickets can be more expensive than bus or carpool tickets, especially on high-speed trains.
Flexibility Florence Rome train schedules can be limited and it may be more difficult to change trains when needed.
Advantages and disadvantages of a carpooling trip from Florence to Rome?
Flexible Carpooling from Florence to Rome is often more flexible than other modes of transportation.
Environmentally friendly By sharing a car with someone else you reduce the environmental impact of a trip from Florence to Rome.
Economical A carpool from Florence to Rome is often the most economical way to travel.
Feeling insecure It may happen that you feel unsafe in the car with the driver, because of his attitude or the way he drives.
Comfort You have to share the space of the car with the other passengers during the whole trip between Florence and Rome.
Availability Finding availability for a carpool between Florence and Rome can be tricky, especially if you plan ahead. Most carpools are only available a few days or weeks before departure.
Advantages and disadvantages of a bus trip from Florence to Rome?
Price The price of bus tickets from Florence to Rome are often much cheaper than train or plane tickets to Rome (and sometimes cheaper than carpooling as well), making it an affordable option for budget-conscious travelers.
Flexibility Bus companies offer many schedule options for travel between Florence and Rome, which can be convenient if you have specific time constraints.
On-board services Modern buses that travel between Florence and Rome are usually equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and toilets.
Comfort Florence-Rome buses can be less comfortable than trains, due to reduced legroom and suspension quality.
Travel time Buses from Florence to Rome are mostly much slower than trains to Rome to cover the 144 mi distance of the trip.
Advantages and disadvantages of flying from Florence to Rome?
Speed Flying between Florence and Rome is the fastest way to travel the 144 mi between Florence and Rome.
Choice of airlines There are many airlines operating flights from Florence to Rome, both direct and with a stopover, giving travelers a wide choice.
Prices Airline tickets from Florence to Rome can be more expensive than train or bus tickets, especially during busy periods (vacations, weekends, etc.).
Security Checks Travelers to Rome often have to arrive at Florence airport early due to strict security checks.
Environmental disadvantages Flights from Florence to Rome have a negative impact on the environment due to greenhouse gas emissions, as flying is one of the most polluting modes of transportation.

Where to start from in Florence? Where do I arrive in Rome?

Florence Departure Bus Stations


Departure stations in Florence

Firenze Campo di Marte
Firenze Santa Maria Novella
Firenze Rifredi
Firenze Castello
Firenze Statuto

Departure airports in Florence


Rome arrival bus stations

Roma Tiburtina

Rome Arrival Stations

Roma Termini
Roma Tiburtina
Roma Ostiense

Rome Arrival Airports

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3 tips for cheaper travel from Florence to Rome

Have you decided to travel from Florence to Rome and are looking for ways to save money on your travel ticket? We present you with 3 useful tips to save money on your trip. Whether you choose to take a bus, train, flights or carpooling, these tips will help you find the best rates for your Florence to Rome trip.

  • 1. Be flexible on dates
    Florence-Rome tickets are often cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. If you can afford to travel to Rome on weekdays instead of weekends, you could save money on your Florence-Rome ticket. Furthermore, being flexible on dates can also help you find the best prices to Rome.
  • 2. Avoid rush hour traffic
    Florence-Rome tickets are very often cheaper if you travel outside of rush hour. By avoiding these high demand times of the day, you could save money on your ticket. In addition, traveling to Rome during off-peak hours can allow you to enjoy a more comfortable trip.
  • 3. Compare modes of transportation
    It may be a good idea to compare the different modes of transportation available to save money on your trip from Florence to Rome. While flying or taking the train may seem like the quickest option to get to Rome, carpooling or taking the bus can often be cheaper alternatives. Also consider the travel time and route to find the most economical solution that best suits your needs.

Bus Florence Rome

The average price of a bus ticket for the trip Florence-Rome varies depending on the carrier and the time of booking. On certain busy dates, prices can double! Compare all Florence-Rome bus prices on Vivanoda.

Buses between Florence and Rome usually offer on-board toilets for passengers, but it is always advisable to check with the carrier before the trip. In any case, breaks at freeway service stations are provided.

The duration of the bus trip between Florence and Rome usually varies depending on the traffic conditions and possible stops along the way. Vivanoda will allow you to see in real time all the buses traveling to Rome for your travel date.

The frequency of departures to Florence from Rome varies depending on the carrier, the time period and the day of the week. To get a complete overview of all bus departures to Rome, please specify your departure date and start a search on Vivanoda.

Most buses between Florence and Rome are new and offer on-board power outlets for charging devices, but this may vary depending on the carrier.

Passengers are generally allowed to take luggage on the Florence-Rome bus, but it is important to check the weight and size limits with the carrier. The number of pieces of luggage is also very often limited.

Bus companies Florence Rome

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Trains Florence Rome

Trains between Florence and Rome are equipped with power outlets and free Wi-Fi for passengers. Power outlets are available in most cars, while the Wi-Fi connection may be unstable in some areas.

There may be a price difference depending on the time of day you travel by train from Florence to Rome. Tickets purchased during off-peak hours are cheaper than those purchased during peak hours. To get a detailed overview of all prices, Vivanoda compares all modes of transportation between Florence and Rome.

It is recommended to book your train ticket from Florence to Rome at least a few weeks in advance to get the best price.

The average train journey time from Florence to Rome depends on the type of train you take. Regional or intercity trains to Rome are slower than high-speed trains. Compare the duration of all trips by running a price search on Vivanoda.

To get the best train fares between Florence and Rome, it is recommended to book in advance, be flexible with time schedules and compare train fares with Vivanoda.

This often depends on the fare and cancellation policy of the train company. If your Florence to Rome train ticket is non-refundable, there may be options to exchange or change them for an additional fee.

Train companies between Florence and Rome

Italo (NTV)
Italo (NTV)
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Flights Florence Rome

Airlines Florence Rome

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Carpool Florence Rome

Carpooling is considered a greener option than other modes of transportation, as it reduces CO2 emissions by reducing the number of cars on the road. However, this depends on the number of people sharing the same vehicle and the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

The average cost of a carpool ride from Florence to Rome depends on several factors, including the time of year, demand and supply, as well as the carpooling platform used. To get a very accurate estimation of the price and availability of a carpooling trip Florence-Rome, start a search on Vivanoda by entering your travel dates.

On Vivanoda, our platform for comparing transportation modes between Florence and Rome, you will have access to all available carpooling offers with price, estimated duration and pickup locations.

The duration of a carpool trip between Florence and Rome also depends on the traffic conditions and the route taken by the driver. By starting a price search on Vivanoda now, you will get the estimated duration of each available carpool offer.

Carpooling is generally considered a safe option for traveling between Florence and Rome. However, it is important to check driver reviews and ratings before booking a trip. It is also recommended that you only share your personal details with people you trust.

It is possible to book a carpool at the last minute, but this depends on the availability of drivers and the demand for the trip. It is recommended that you book your ride in advance to guarantee your trip.

Carpooling platform Florence Rome

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